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HORSELAND Dressage & Showjumping State Championships 2019 | Dressage Test Update
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Vicki Jans, Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Dressage Test Revision for the Horseland Dressage & Showjumping State Championships 2019

  • Grade 1 | EA tests 3A and 3B (see below)
  • Grade 2 | EA tests 2B and 2C (see below)
  • Grade 3 | PCV tests 3D and 3E
  • Grade 4 | PCV tests 4D and 4E

Equestrian Victoria have changed their tests for 2019.  As a result, the tests advertised in the 2019 Dressage and Showjumping Schedule for Grades 1 and 2, will no longer be available on the website.  

The PCA  National Competition will be using the new 2019 tests, but will not be making an announcement until February.  

In order to give our riders ample time to learn these new tests the SJ&D Sub Committee have decided to change the tests to the following:

Grade 1    Elementary Test 3A    will replace Test 3.1

Grade 1    Elementary Test 3B    will replace Test 3.2


Grade 2    Novice Test 2B    will replace Test 2.2

Grade 2    Novice Test 2C    will replace Test 2.3


There is no change to Tests for Grades 3 and 4.

We know it is not ideal to make a change like this after it has been advertised, but the Committee could see no sense in our members riding a test at States that will be different to that being ridden at the National event.